Life of Disc Jockey

Disc jockey is a person who select and plays music for a group of audience. For someone who loves music and wants to be surrounded with music all their lives, you may fare well in this job. Most DJs are well respected and often well known because a good DJ can make an event a lot of fun and exciting. It is important for a disc jockey to love all types of music because DJs spend most of their time learning new music and latest demand from the people.

To make your own mark as a professional disc jockey, you have to be creative and different. To be a successful DJ you have to dedicate yourself to music. Most of your entire career will revolve around music. This profession may require you to be alone most of the time while working and mixing sounds. A good DJ has an ability to connect and understand the mood of the people and make them thrilled with your voice and mixed of songs.

There are several types of disc jockeys but the most common one are club DJs. They are the one who plays music in bar, clubs, night clubs and raves. They usually focus more on beat mixing, beat matching and controlling the energy level of the crowd. It is the club DJs ability to play many types of music and make it sound good. Below are the lists of things that every DJ should pay attention before performing in a club.

v  Every club DJs should check the sound quality every night before the performance. Start the music and check the dance floor as well as the volume of speaker. Check sounds by standing in the middle of the club and listen to the sound.


v  It is also important that the club DJ has an ability to read the crowd. Observing your audience is essential in order to succeed in this kind of industry. Of course as a DJ you should be following all the popular genres and build your own music library accordingly. Always observe and see what type of audience you have and change the genre if necessary


v  Everytime you play music, you must know when to balance the energy of the crowd. Increase the energy with hit songs and then slow it down if necessary. Having these slowdowns will also help the bar make more sales.

There are also other types of DJ, like mobile DJs. They are mobile DJ hire to provide service using their complete DJ set up equipment. They are the kind of DJs that are easily accessible. To be a DJ is not an easy job, it requires a lot of work. You should be well aware about the use of equipment, mixing of sounds, needs of the people and latest music in the air.