The Basic Equipments of a Disc Jockey

Before most disc jockey equipment became widely available to clients, most of them have already learned their skills at discotheques. There is always a basic set of equipment each disk jockey must have regardless of the types of DJ you choose to become. A DJ has access to professional equipment, a pro-audio sound-system, and promotional music mixers, which at that time gave the Club DJs a virtual domination on the presentation and performance of dance music.

Here are some of the basic equipments needed disc jockeys:

ü  Turntables

Nowadays, the most common disc turntable varieties are:

  • Vinyl
  • CD
  • Digital

All these three began to evolve with the advancement of technology. The downloaded mp3 can be burned to a CD and played on a pair of CD decks. Likewise, you could just load them into a program and mix with a digital controller.    

ü  The mixer

Perhaps, what separate a professional from an ordinary and common disc jockey is his capability to mix songs appropriately. A DJ set should run seamlessly from one song to another, without the listener noticing any interruptions or silent pauses between songs. Depending on the DJs budget, a mixer can come with an almost endless number of features.


Features of a good mixer

ü  DJ mixer Inputs

It is crucial to check that the mixer has a sufficient number of the right inputs. Using vinyl players DJs should see to it that the mixer has RCA inputs, while with CD players, DJs must look for Aux inputs.

ü  DJ mixer channels

To be able to mix one input with another, each input has to be controlled using a separate channel.

ü  DJ mixer cross fader

This is what letsthe DJ combine one song with another and create a smooth transition from one track to the next.

ü  Headphone

One of the definite must have for any DJ are the headphones. It is by listening to the headphones that the DJ can prepare the next song, and set it to the exact level before cross fading into it for the audience to hear. Choosing headphones really depend on your own personal preference, it is need to make sure they fit you, give you good sound, and are durable enough.

ü  Stands, Racks, and tables

To be able to keep track of one’s gear, and to sustain some control over the height, positioning, and angles of each piece of equipment, it can be very useful to bring one’s own stands, racks, and even tables.

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