Which Will You Choose, A Wedding DJ or a Live Band?

Mostly people do not attend the wedding ceremony itself, but rather are more interested in the reception, especially if they are not part of the entourage or a family member. They choose to go straight to where the food is. We actually expect so much from the reception, like the menu, theme of the place and the music. Having the right music at the reception is essential in setting the mood and making sure the people are having fun. Soon-to-be married couples should brain storm, whether to hire a wedding band or a dj hire brisbane.

Wedding Band:

  • Live bands can energize the crowd and get people excited to dance

  • Their sound quality is flawless

  • The band can change the tempo of the music for some dance moves

  • When we hire a live band, they can complete a wedding theme. It could be from 1930’s or 1980’s, and there are specific band concentrating on the genre

  • They make a more dramatic presentation, with musicians, vocalists and all the instruments

  • Guests who do not dance will still enjoy the show

  • Live music is so emotional which makes the day more heartwarming

  • They have unique personalities

Cons of hiring a wedding band:

  • The wedding band is too expensive

  • Some bands can only play one sound and they are having a hard time switching genres or style.

  • Some bands are too loud that sometimes overpower a small venue

  • Musicians take breaks too, and when they stop the music they would only turn on a CD, but it is not the same compared to the live bands

Wedding DJ:

  • Wedding DJs are more affordable than a band

  • The DJ can play any song request

  • Keeps the music going during the entire party

  • Is trained to handle receptions and make announcements

  • The couple’s first song can be sung by the artist who made you fall in love, rather than an imitation

  • Their songs can easily be segued, from dance numbers to the perfect cutting of the cake song.

  • There will be no breaks in the music that will last until the celebration is over

Cons of wedding DJ:

  • Some wedding DJs have bored syndrome, because many wedding DJs have their routine planned that sometimes makes them bored. They can make terrible jokes or it might mean that they are doing everything automatically.

  • Professional DJ Services costs are extravagant

  • DJs with less personality are a major buzz kill to the dance floor.

Above all, it is best to go and see the wedding band or DJ performing at their gig, so that it will be easy for people to judge whether they are the right band or DJ to play for your wedding party. To ensure a perfect party, hire a wedding DJ Brisbane because they are professional DJs that have years of experience in their field of expertise.